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Took me about 4 days to master this game it was hard since iv'e never played one of these games

This game is as bad as it gets. Even the tutorial is too long and difficult. if u dont have like 5 years of practice you will have a very bad time with this bad game. Litterally only people who can move their fingers really fast and can do nothing else in their life have a easy time. DONT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU LIKE HAVING FUN WITH GAMES. If you like being so angry at a TUTORIAL that you would like to kill everione on earth then go for it!

Bruh I've been playing for like a month and I'm good ur just too dumb to figure out how to play. :D

in full game you added monster noice thx

who else played this version to see the differince

I did

THIS GAME MADE ME LOOSE IT, but its all good and fun I really am enjoying recording it and practicing my poor coordination. Hope they keep adding new songs and weeks because I'm all here for it, even if I have to tear out my hair. 


i beat the game


It would be awesome if you would add a practice mode where you can choose the speed the arrows come. There was something similar in Rockband and I think it would be a great addition to Friday Night Funkin.

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This is a prototype version of this game, you can get the latest version by clicking this link:

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This is the only version my school's chromebooks can handle.

Also, am I the only one who hears "My Facebook value."?

Also #2, Why is the mouse there?  It only works to let you actually play and put it in full screen.

oh my god your right

/why cant i press enter? and start tje fishing game

dude  this is a prototype this is the full game

its the fake one


is not


it just a prototype

full game

is it supposed to be just a loading screen?? or.. cause its just loading and loading and loading and its never starting. when I try out the new one It never works, any help please?? ( I use Chromebook )


your press enter to start


you have to press enter to play


i really like the real game, but my chromebook sucks so i cant run it, so i just play this! it feels a lot like a demo version of the game lol.


This link works on my chrome book


that link crashes, and the newgrounds one.


i heard that your racist on tiktok a girl send me a tiktok vidoe of showing saying n word is that fake or real???


He did that 2-3 years ago. Just dumbass people trying to cancel him for stuff he did a long time ago and was young at the time


ohhh so the dumb people lying


Raging and Vibing! I vibed way to much in this game lol

Hey guys remember that this is the prototype version if you want the one with all the new songs and stuff download it here:

im still tuck on the second


it doesn't let me play




Wait, this isn't newgrounds...

The art style really fits the type of music that's being played in here. It's so bouncy and upbeat.

This is one of the most fun games I've played in a while! It's so bouncy and upbeat that I couldn't help but bob along! I love it! 🤩


Wow So good

why not play

I wish I know what I was doing but DAMN this is an amazing game

Like i had 20 wins i love it

I loved this game

Hey The Full Game is already out if you enjoy this look for the full one


Hey hey, could you tell me why everytime I try to play the full game, it shows this grey screen with a X_X type face on it?

same exact thing happens to me, it's really making me mad

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This is really hard and I love it. That music fresh


The arrows won't show up the more I keep playing.


full screen dont work lmao

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music is cringy as hell, the difficulty scale is a joke. Not original.


nah its not cringey you must be into trash music cuase the music is hard and it is oringinal it just got some things from ddr  so i dont know what u mean.

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you're an asshole


Okay noob


Says the one who likes their own comments


how do I like my own comments 


and at least I know how to have a pfp

oh can u tell me how to change it

Your a fuck hole




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im having trouble actually starting and playing the game. there is no start button or anything. (im using web browser) 

never mind i got it i think


how exactly?


well it would show what seemed to be a main menu screen but no start button. but eventually i just pressed every button on the keyboard and got in


Press enter


Hey,can you put a key configuration,im beggining at the hard part but im not good at arrows,i will be more confortable for me,and for the other stepmania players!


it would really be fun if there were more levels but, it's ok. Level 2 was quite hard but fun, would recommend

yea and it had a dank beat to it was fye

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