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Why does lemonahead eerily remind me of Father from KND?

even his voice sounds similar to Father



i used to roll the dicr


alvin and chipmunk sings diamonds aren't forever bring me horizon

ugbjrger unbanned again x4

its not working on windows 7 :(

does anyoine want to go to hoco with me




i came here to tell u to go f yourself. -retrocountry (your biggest hater)

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actually nvm

saranghe pookie bear


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game  braker

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teenage mutant ninja turtles


jordan peakery


true, this is how everyone should react

theres no week 7...


shut the fuck up

cry about it 

im not crying, you're just trying too hard to be 'edgy'

couldnt care less


holy shit youre insufferable

cry about it 

For god's sake go fuck yourself, you are more annoying than Ari already



you’re a wee bit late




es stupido

i meant this version doesnt have week 7...

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“newgrounds exclusive”


finally unbanned


guyz  do es this souhd good

Change of Scene

Element of surprise


sounds ass



i fell off

did you turn gay or something

no, i've been slightly too much of a prick in more recent interactions here and people here probably don't like me very much anymore


XD Have you been to ohio 😂 Say GYATT RIZZ To skibidi toilet and you become REAL SIGMA 🗿🍷


can you kill yourself

You're not rizzing anyone up 😂 KAI CENAT MOMENT

why are you like this

The flip? Its because im OHIO SIGMA RIZZLER 😂🗿🍷


The flip? Stop rizzing us 🗿🍷 or youre not SIGMA


Skibidi rizz in ohio 😂 i GYATT to go to ohio and be sigma 🗿🍷

average zhong fan be like:


oh goodness! oh noes!

Oh gee, oh wow that was so funny, I am dying of laughter, I can't breathe and everything

made more of your friends run away haha

did nixie leave you too LMAO

Youre not ohio sigma slime gang

help you are in everywhere

im not

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12 people didnt like that very much🦔

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Hey ari. It's me Mythical. Check your email.

It takes so fast to load like omg 


holy shit soundcloud on dark mode is fucking beautiful


this aint new


check out my mod here:


no fuck you


such sweet words

what he said


you didnt even click the link it was a rickroll

check out          this song          here 

extremely awesome pfp jonaj

Thankyou I'm Him . Homicidal Maniac .

go die

reliving the moment when i went to hoodoo with a friend of mine and slammed into this like 2 year old kid while on my sled barreling down the hill at full speed is tragic asf but also the funniest shit ever

do a barrel roll

i'll try next time


am i floating in my tin can


above the moon

planet earth is blue

and theres nothing i can do

french toast better

i am david bowie

cant even play or installl whyyyy


i      am not fond of this image

thank you for youfr feedback 


Thank you for sharing

do u want to go to home coming w/ me


backrooms level 188 found


backrooms level suck my dick found

haven't heard from you in a while


i don't use this website as much anymore, especially considering how it's overrun with dumbasses and porn games.





if i can run this on a chromebook, you could probly just have a bad p

skill issue + L



pov: our grandparents learn what drip is (i have a feeling that what i'm saying is ungodly cringe but whatever)

yeah its cringe

fuck :(

also just another one

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dave miller aka purple guy and this random stupid orange fucker sing welcome to the internet and it's so damn fire because they make purple guy say the funniest stupid dumb shit


No It Isn't . It Sucks !

bo burnham sucks

he adopted my boyfriend


so good

imagine being the girl and sitting there listening to your mum and your boyfriend sing about panties

imagine being  house md and sitting there as a                  doctor


so fucking TRUE

imagine uuuhhh scout tf2

hyperactive-radioactive blue cheese



Back once again, just checking on everyone and seeing how you guys are doing. Anyway, Bye!

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being deadass there's this fnf kid in class ny and when I was next to him he lifted his arm up and bro smelled fucking RANCID. 


dude i had a kid like that in my 8th grade class but he always smelled like a garbage dump and he asked to be my boyfriend and im like "kys bruh"

ain't no way

bein truthful bro

That's crazy 😭

onfg bro 💀


i forgor that yesterday was arabic jenga day 💀

i forgor

haha nine eleven so funny haha people died hahahaha hilarious


This game was working for me, that's why I don't love it but it's well done.

easy my ass, the easy mode whooped my hide!

imagime bad


blah blah blah KILL YOURSEL

Deleted 19 days ago

get yo money up lil fella

Deleted 19 days ago

get a job lil bro

open wide lil fella

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I actually had fun with this game. Best rhythm game for sure!


geometry dash better


not a rhythm game you dumb fuck


doesnt disprove my point of it being better


it's a different genre it's completely irrelevant 


we live we love we lie

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*Ahem* Actually "Geometry Dash is a series of music platforming video games developed by Swedish developer Robert "RobTop" Topala." - Wikipedia. Additionally as a Geometry dash player you play to the music "usually" therefore using the description of Rhythm Games Geometry Dash IS a rhythm game. Additionally you're probably nine quit using profanity.


nice try dipshit, it's not a rhythm game and i'm definitely older than you

and get tf out of my face with this stupid ass "ahem" shit


Can you not be an ass for five seconds. Geometry Dash when the level creator actually cares about sync is a rhythm game, however if they do not care about sync the game is not a rhythm game. This same rule applies to many other rhythm games such as Friday Night Funkin'. Additionally just like many rhythm games it uses only one input to do everything yet its still difficult, kind of like a certain game were commenting on. Additionally not every rhythm game has to be the same click in a certain pattern game, just look at Just Shapes And Beats. It is a rhythm game yet it is similar in Geometry Dash where you control a Square shaped object and you aren't locked to one place meaning you can go around the play area and you can complete the same level in a different spot. If you would actually put thought into your arguments as opposed to using profanity and insults almost exclusively, you would be seen as older than 9 and be taken seriously.


Aren't you the one who asked if blatant doxxing was doxxing?


actually fucking kill yourself bro

Wow you're the 843rd person to tell me to kill myself. Unfortunately your comment does not hurt me as you want it to.

Get a life



platformer genre stares at you maliciously


my fault man

rock n roll domo better


what do you call finding someones location through an image they sent you for the shits and giggles but you dont tell them that you did so? don't think it's considered doxxing


No. That's doxxing.

oh alright thanks man


slashdude currently: 🍷🗿


so Ohio sigma moment!

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i helped make this video with a few of my friends lmao we have almost 100 views on it pls subscribe to my friend here:

we're so fucking retarded lmfao


looks retarded not clicking or watching

w comment

slash that is entirely the point it's supposed to be retarded as fuck

also why are you the one here that's always grinchass grumpy as hell bro?

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

tge creeper juice at 3 am

my timbers are shivering right now

This is retarded as shit and I love it lmao

thank you for actually understanding that it's supposed to be retarded *AHEM* slashdude *COUGH COUGH*

yeah but it's the bad kind of retarded






bone to the bad are you the real one


i mean yeah of course i'm the real one

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