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im in wrong game fuck



How is he related to a rat?



ah ritz is actually bf's ADOPTIVE brother lol stupid

lmao hey Harry ur not that smart urself

Deleted 1 year ago

double jump fart go burrrr


Your comments are as painful as my eyes after looking at your profile page's color scheme.

i remeber when people thought Ritz was going to be in fnf

but instead

tank boi

pre-fnf, its amazing


lmao this is bf's brother lol


little did the devs know the would make the most popular game on the internet after this


why are there parts where you jump slowly and then jump fast

We want another part of this game

yes, me and amryano want more


Scoobs and I will steal all the cheese,


Scoobs: rhyep, that's right, and like if you try to rake it back, raggy and I will kill you, *howls*

*gives life savings and all the scooby snacks*






mario vibes, anyone else?

lmao that's like if i said "DOOM vibes anyone" while playing banjo kazooie fps section

PS: No need to stop being cringe. After all, these replies are good typing practice.


anyone personally know amog us


o jogo e ooooootiiiimooooo, ele roda muito liso em meu PC, muito booooomm

achei ate melhor que friday night funkin pois meu PC não consegue rodar friday night, apenas este jogo que tenho acesso em meu PC no momento

queria que continuassem com o jogo adicionando novos mundos, fases ETC.       no momento o unico jogo que estou jogando todos esses dias ou semanas e o ritz

meu computador e o windows 7, ele e HORRIVEL para rodar jogos

consegui zerar o jogo, foi bem facil até

agora que eu ja falei de tudo bla bla bla as informações de quem escreveu esta abaixo:

Canal do Youtube:

Tik Tok:

me segue no tiktok e se inscreve no Youtube que vai me ajudar muito mesmo!

Bac Play

I see

Ah yes,

Your a  reincarnation of shakespeare, I'm guessing?


He is speaking the language of the gods.


plzzzz do the android version of this game

i got dem cheese






sussy baka

ritz do be vibin doe

why is this laggy


see ya in week 8 ritz


Did yall know that Ritz the rat is Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin's brother and will hopefully soon have his own week :D

Where did you get that from? How is he his brother?

ninjamuffin did confirmed lol

yea ninjamuffin confirm it

Ritz is actually adopted lol


Deleted post

ritz le crackers

I got more than enough cheese. What am I supposed to do now?

go to big door and unlock




is this a prequel to friday night funkin

no but this is bfs brother

hey ninja im you

hi tacooo

Ritz crackers XD

i would love a full game but this is cool

yay now i get to play as bfs (from fnf) adopted brother


how do you play it in fullscreen 

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