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it seems today

😈😈evil gang

Deleted 128 days ago

wtf how did you know...??

average ohio citizen


i tried taking a nap in Ohio 💀

Deleted 337 days ago

Deleted 1 year ago
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I need help on a mod 

DM - Cee-Jay#0900Wario Appiition

cee-jay = cj



i don't know why xeno hates mexicans






i can explain

oh shit

average yeat fan


Amogus in fortnite


jordan listens to nba youngboy


No, I do not.


oh ok my bad bro



press 7 to edit in FNF


you mean yes

no imean no


bro can you release the new build already

it has been getting underwhelming that the new and improved engine is only on newgrounds

getting extremely tired of it sounding like dog water when it comes to logging on there and playing as well, i am sure most of us are tired of waiting to remove the time exclusive things

the time exclusive things will end if the newgrounds version of fnf gets to the 2nd or 1st result on google.

nah, when the next update comes out (never)

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Bro think he @BrianFan7649


your pfp

what about it

it's upwards



Don't even ask about it


maybe today or tmr i will forget about this community then a year later come back



bro think he Carti

the fuck happened

Idk what happened 

tordfnfugh123lol said "Idk what happened"

hi spacify!!!1!11! ninjamuffin forgot to turn off forums when he first make game and now all the forums went woooosh!!!

well shit

how long is it going to take until week 7 is public

Ofc. Its laggy because either your on Chrombook or on a slowed down computer.

have you ever heard of the reply button

oh shut the fuck up man

Not meaning no hate, But bro why the cussing?

Not meaning no hate, But bro why the cussing?

bro  what happened while i was gone

gigantic oily men

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How can a game as simple as this lag so much? It is literally a few moving images with a background music and it manages to run at <20 fps on my computer.

it's fnf

they didn’t optimize it that well, play psych engine

Love your game man!EBIC

why exactly are you impersonating a mediocre youtuber


you arent yub

are you the real yub!?

human skull emoticon💀 

no it's real trust

I downloaded it and got half a penny and a sandwich it's real!!

your pfp




this game is so ass cheeks


does anyone remember me lol

I do


oh my god hi


I don’t have the best name at the moment but it’s usually dice if you remember me

wow hi


how did you get it for free?

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by paying $0 of course


that's because it's a free game you moron


please stop talking

please leave like you said you would

I lied

(oh the addiction…)

By the way he DID miss the joke like a stupid idiot 

you're a fucking retard, why would i think it's a joke if they literally stole the game and reuploaded it on their profile saying they made it free

Emoticon representing a human skull.

dang bro i had to pay 20 bucks for the game 😥



oh my god i just embedded an entire game on the fnf comment section what the fuck

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yo this shit is lit

nvm i died fuck this game

become alive

breaks every bone in your body

I did that before

better than every rapper to ever exist 




big booty latinas

i can confirm




sexsual sinxtercouxce

hey guys

its me fashial


hi jordan do you like donuts


fnf good but the forums died sad :(


fnf is trash

yeah i agree you you win


R.I.P shitass Forums of Friday Night cumFunkin

i made the funral

jordan’s the only one   upset about it


you're trying to make fun of me but i'm not even upset 

get a grip



on god



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i also came on itch to get the new novetus client:




the fnf community is still mid as fuck tbh



So the forums are gone, we have been rehabilitated for the greater good.

my boynana is stiff

who remembers this crap 

That was 3 days ago. Vivid in my head.

ok this was actually from a year ago

but the forums existed until three days ago.

The fateful day

thank god i wasnt there

oh god ignroe my pfp that time i genuinely lost a bet fhghkghkdfhgk

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i do not know what to say sorry bout that, but hello again.  i am back because i saw my friend play funky friday in class plus the forum link popped up in my recommended chrome journeys, and woah look what happened here!  I still wont post much, but feel free to comment down below!


Jaydem808 (Jaydem757, Phelpzio, Disorderly, and a bunch of other dopey nicknames I forgot)

a screenshot of a post i made around 2 years ago:

hi my g0od buddy ol pals hows everyonedoing

the death of queen Elizabeth

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