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Made by ninjamuffin99: https://twitter.com/ninja_muffin99


WASD = Move
Spacebar/Left Mouse Button = Draw
Z = Undo most recent stroke
X = Redo most recent stroke
Backspace = Delete
UP/DOWN = Zoom
LEFT/RIGHT = Change brush size
- and + to change volume

This is a small little art game/tool made over the weekend. Kinda inspired by inktober I guess. Expect possible another small update coming soon though. DIdn't feel like doing stuff today because I'm tireed as hell.

The source code can be found here: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/InkToberGame

Saving pic how-to:
Press the screenshot button and save it as a .png!

Music provided by Newgrounds Radio (Easy Listening):

Ko-Fi donation link: http://ko-fi.com/ninjamuffin


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