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y e s

oh ok thanks

can you use a debit card?  that's all i have on me at the moment.. credit card got stole

this man did ot make this then a normal rhythm game bro wtf


yeah hes weird

ur mean


ninja on drugs


it true



Wow, this is actually a super unique concept as far as I have seen for arcade games. If you run out of speed you lose; but. if you get too much its also almost certain demise.


yes indeed very nice for a game idea


me fucks every1

question WTAF

honestly i just enjoy this game not for what most people like it for this is fun


i cannot believe this guy made friday night funkin


you realise fnf is not intended for kids

yeah i realized that after this comment thanks tho

yeah i found this through tik tok

I don't want to cheat on my girl

what about on your boy (naruto)


redo of healer

lol ye


this is hentai



wtf is this game



I don't wanna cheat on girlfriend


Hi creator





Old meme, not even funny anymore.


So was your moms weight

(1 edit) (+3)(-4)

Damn, your reply ruined it even more. Jokes about peoples moms are older than their moms.

Edit: didnt mean to sound rude but i remember seeing this meme when i was 9yo



good luck and i love your game




you're welcome


Why is it banned from steam?


I wrote about it on my Newgrounds page


Yo uh I bought it off nutaku but how do you get the android version? I don't have a pc to extract or etc 

I think that the Android 'My Files' app usually has the ability to extract files. Browse to where you installed the .zip, select it, and then you might be able to have the option to extract it right onto your phone, from your phone.

My laptop rejects to download it sadly. Still trying to download tho.


7107 beat that XD


the all time high score (on Newgrounds version) is 113,201 lol ezpz


can you make a downloadable version of this game please, because for some reason my google chrome won't let me play this game!!!

Sure, I'll do that later today! The game is a flash game, so Chrome might be auto-blocking it or something. You can probably check settings or something, but if you really want to play it in the browser, you can check out the version on Newgrounds, where you can either play it in flash, OR HTML5 (also works with mobile!) 

I can only upload a Windows version for now (Linux and Mac would be possible though if you need one of those)


Ok I got a download link in! It actually has a WIP of the latest update though!

thank's you!!!

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