Every purchase includes a Steam Key (BANNED FROM STEAM LOL) and Android Build

An infinite runner where the hornier you are the faster you go! Move LEFT and RIGHT to (s)mash some cute monster girls while dodging boulders. Slow down or get left behind and you lose!


- and + to change volume, and 0 to mute
Z, SPACE, ENTER to select
A and D for the left-handed and smaller keyboards

- 5 Dungeon Palettes
- 7 Unique Girls to Encounter w/Shiny Color Variants
- No delay between runs

Monster Mashing was initially created by ninjamuffin99, Digimin, and BrandyBuizel for the "Strawberry Jam 2" Game Jam and the original release was completed in 3 days made from the scraps of a cancelled RPG the group had initially planned to make.

Initially published on Newgrounds March 1st 2018 and was so well received the game was continually updated to meet player expectations. For months users one-upped each other on the leaderboard, even becoming one of the most played games on the website that year, giving reason to tighten up the controls as well as add new monster girls and dungeon palettes in order to keep those long runs entertaining. 

For its release on Steam the game underwent a massive overhaul, re-doing characters sprites, adding rare shines, a gallery, controller support, and more. Where this version includes 7 original monster girl designs, the original release, which became unbelievably popular, only had 2 girls and 1 dungeon palette.

This is the debut title created by the group "Demins"


Credits (full creds in-game): 

Programming: by ninja_muffin99 (Twitter)

Main Art: Digimin (Twiter)

Additional Art, Programming, and Main Level Design: BrandyBuizel (Twitter)

Additional Art: FuShark (Twitter)

Source code on Github: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/MonsterMashing

NSFW only on Nutaku: https://www.nutaku.net/games/download/monster-mashing/


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

monster-mashing-win.zip 43 MB
Version 4
MonsterMashing-debug.apk 61 MB
Version 2
MonsterMashingLinux.zip 69 MB

Development log


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1 es hot 2son furras xd 3 es un buen juego y son ompleto 6/10

Shame that the NSFW version is not on this site.  Kinda wish I had seen that before buying this version.  Oh well. 

Oh, and I will never buy stuff from Nutaku.  I don't want my personal information and credit card stolen by them again.

no furries but ok


fast as fuck boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Remember: This is the same guy that created fnf and ritz

its so weird


I love this game!

...............why? lol

Because I love this playing music!

lol i luv kawai sprites soundtrack thats the person who did the musicin here anway have a great day

You too! :)

игра как моя конча

Wtf am i playing.

Title: There was a time I saw the feud and it's now...

So, I guess we know due to the adult elements will frighten kids by mistake, thinking cute and sexy monster girls won't make any weird faces can be thought by children. But you're right there, I mean it's a game meant for the grown-ups, not kids! And today, kids are smarter to not go on NSFW sites where it says you can locate the sexy monster girl game. So please, PLEASE stop shaming children who accidentally get hooked to this content! They really know it's not good! 

HATE DISCLAIMER: Do not send me any hate in the form of a reply, when I got to the shaming part. I know all of you will be like "Bro, it's just a game for grown-ups no-one cares..". Thank you!!!

And here's an informational video made by a video gaming channel that explains this game. 

INFORMATIONAL VIDEO DISCLAIMER: It has the gameplay of the NSFW version, but the now-naked girls are shown censored by a censor bar. Not for kids to watch the video, only adults/grownups.


Yo, that's my video. Thank You for sharing it.

(1 edit)

No problem, also this is my alt account who's replying because the credits goes to you :)

I can't believe that NinjaMuffin created this.. but i loved it,so much

I hope watch this monster girls on a new week of FNF

i just wanted to play a one ninjamuffin99 games not be a horny guy

this is a werid game

best game btw im kid

(3 edits)

I feel bad for this kid

its not gross


great game!

horny founded

go to horny jail lol

funk the game got softlocked

i dont think the mosters like to be smacked but i like smacking them

10/10 would reccomend

I want more


I legit cant believe that the creators of FNF made  this o3o

10/10 got me horny would fuck

btw fucking masterpiece, love this game so much




(2 edits) (+5)

I love to see those kids crying, after clicking on nsfw game, smh shut up, if you wanted hot monster girls you came here and played this game, if you are a stupid kid from Twitter that came her just because somebody told you about this place, just to complain than get the fuck out, nobody cares about you stupid brats, stop crying that you see nsfw, after clicking on nsfw game 


hot im cumming

Show post...



bruh why is it good and why DO I WANT TO SEE THE LAST PHOTO

did it even the shinys 

bruh my high score is 2344

23872 is my highscore

Show post...

Why are all these underaged kids here? This is wrong.


im a girl so idm this

Deleted 2 years ago

wtf you wer ido


idk how to feel about the fact the FNF dude made a hentai game 


you realise fnf is not intended for kids


bro delete this game


dude look at the related


bro delete your account

Delete  your account, kid. You are obviously making fun of children who clicked this game and others

I do not fucking care, just because kids exist does not take away the freedom of adults to make erotic games, itch.io allows this type of games and if parents of children are afraid of them being exposed to stuff like this, they should monitor their activity, and not just leave it to strangers on the internet. I am 18 years old, I have no clue how old you are, but I doubt it is anything above that age if you complain about erotic games in your spare time.


Deleted 2 years ago

i bet most of the single boys are jacking off to this game lol

And I'm just you but I'm color swapped








hello friend:) 




i missed you guys!


i missed you guys!


I missed to too:)

Deleted 2 years ago

ik lil ugly dude


you realise fnf is not intended for kids


im role playing im really 14 years old

oh ok

then leave


dont talk to a lady like that thats hurtful to me didnt even say please


as someone who used to be a girl, jus bc ur a girl doesnt mean you need special treatment and need others to care for you


you dont have to be that rude 


fnf isnt made for kids, most of ninjamuffin's games arent directed at children go play smth else before yo parents take away your shit lol


im 19 ;-; i said i was 10 in a role play


pretty sure you said you’re fourteen before this + a ninteen year old mature person wouldn’t roleplay to be a kid knowing the risks of it plus you wouldn’t use “;-;” unless you think it’s like 2016 or something


we already dealt with it chill dude


uh, if you are ten years old, then why did you come here despite 18+ warnings? Shut up you stupid incel


all of us already sorted this out so you can shut up lamo


fnf is not intended for kids neither is this game


I quit

im now depressed

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