Created and Designed by ninjamuffin99 and Arzonaut

Fly through the skies on your broomstick as you cast spells to fight monsters that wanna beat you up or something like that. Learn new spells, at a cost. Your life. Yeah that's right YOU'RE CURSED! And it was your rival at school who did it! She really went there huh. Maybe it's because you're hotter than her.

Programming: ninjamuffin99

Art: Arzonaut

Music: Nerostratos

Backgrounds: Digimin

Additional Art: FuShark

Additional Music: Yahtzei

Sound help: PhantomArcade

Made with HaxeFlixel

Special Thanks to Newgrounds

Rated 3.1 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
Made withOpenFL
Tags2D, Anime, Arcade, Cute, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Ludum Dare 44, Magic
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how do i play hel

How do I download this game

this is the craziest comment section ive ever seen



oh shit she is hot


why in the hell is she so abnormally hot


i jacked off to the witch


I jacked off to you


look out your window




Bro, leaked the game's ip address






shes got really nice boobs


yeah... but i prefer dick

name makes sens


this game fucking sucks




Why did you make her have big tits


why not

for distractions





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if you lose she looks so cute crying she made my dick hard in 2 seconds



Deleted post




Deleted post


i suck at this game lol

this is a great chill music game with a hot witch 10 out of 10


bruh wtf is this lol

Deleted 2 years ago

What it has to do with pedo?

why did you find this comment necessary?

owen from the owen yt chanle

big booba would do seggs 10/10

lol hahaha kinda  T H IC 


you dirty nasty person


ikr theyre thirsty as fuck




can you shut up 

stop calling the creator nasty

all he did was make a game, main character having boobs

it's not a crime to have boobs


Why he's nasty tho? :/




booba girl


For the love god. Someone just make rule 34 of her.


thirsty as hell

thirsty alert

just draw it your self

draw it for yourself and dont post it


Deleted 2 years ago


all the enemies are unreactable and one got stuck into the ceiling (too high for me to reach)



Love the loading splash screen


When the imposter is sus!😳


Shut up.

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you are a dumb person!!!!!



And a toxic person. I see.


And I hate sus memes like "When the imposter is sus!" it's goddamn dumb and you're the one who's SUSPICIOUS.


People literally down voted you're post.


(1 edit)

your* you're literally means you are tf

wtf happened

Click the space bar to shoot

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Super sus-

Why is she so thick?


we don’t know.



How the fuck do you move up and down in mobile bitch


No, this is not a hentai game, if that is what you're looking for


are you sure abot that them som pertty big tittes


And yet, I don't see any penetration


Doesn't have to have penetration to get someone horny, people these days, so desperate.


there's hentai that doesnt involve penetration for example hentai of cis lesbians

its called design dumdum. I also sometimes draw my characters like they do

but im a minor-

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sad noises   :( .


if you're looking for a hentai game, play monster mash


finna beat to this later



thicc witches the finest thing since sliced bread

ok then


Hi ninjamuffin99, first of all, thanks to you & your team for producing this fine work of art.  Secondly though, I stupidly opened options or something (the book thingy) during gameplay, & now it's stuck covering nearly the whole screen hehe! -nervous_emoji..-  How do I go back to the gameplay screen (where I can actually see the badguys so I don't get hit, even though quite honestly yes even that is actually quite fun in this game haha! xD  What can I say, I'm easily amused, or a nut! xD)???  In the meantime I'll just restart & try not to do that again haha!  Idiot (me).


Ah nvm haha!  Figured it out - just gotta hit 'E'.  Still a difficult game, but that just adds to the fun - trying to figure it out haha!  Thanks again team.

Deleted 328 days ago
Deleted 1 year ago

... You good?


most people here are so fucking horny and shit i cannot. i agree a bit but its kind of a groan more than a moan. or a gasp or some shit i dont know

Deleted 1 year ago

i know awesome right  :)

i cant hear it


Damn I suck at this.


Game + Sexy Witch = Plays

true :)


for sure