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This was made for Kitty Krew Day on Newgrounds.com

This was inspired by "Cat Dance" by everydaylouie

Check it out: https://everydaylouie.itch.io/cat-dance
It has a very chill cat.

Song creds
Pounce by http://azazaledm.newgrounds.com/
School Party by http://iorilicea.newgrounds.com/
Disco in The Dark by http://alxellis.newgrounds.com/
Electric Car Race by http://thapredator.newgrounds.com/
ClockDay 2016 by http://4cat.newgrounds.com/
Pursuit by http://boomkitty.newgrounds.com/
Arcade Punk (Non vocals) by http://waterflame.newgrounds.com/
Cowbells and Sirens by http://wizofficial.newgrounds.com/
FITE (original mix) by http://wick3drabbit.newgrounds.com/

Published Aug 20, 2016
TagsAbstract, cats, disco, Funny, newgrounds, weird

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