It's been too long. It was only about this time last year when Monster Mashing was but a humble game jam game for Strawberry Jam 2, a game jam hosted right here on itch. 

Throughout 2018 and early 2019, we've been chipping away, doing on and off work on Monster Mashing. Doing new art, getting native builds (Windows, Mac, and Android) going, and getting LEWD AND NUDE versions of all the girls. We added a gallery mode, for people to view the game art, concept art, and some slick as hell fanart. On any platform you can log into the Newgrounds API, to compare and compete against other players on the leaderboard. Also a settings menu. Change the volume of the game. REVOLUTIONARY. We were originally planning to do all this anyways, but early in September, we got in contact with Nutaku, which for those who haven't heard of them already, they're basically like Steam but for hot tiddie games. After 6 god damn months or somethin like that, we FINALLY GOT IT ALL DONEZO. All of the above additions were pretty much finished and finalized up. And the deluxe edition update came out. And you can buy it. 

If you want to buy it on Itch, that'd be lovely. It's 3$. It comes with a Steam key as well. The Steam version will drop on April 1st, so if you wanna go wishlist it, you can do so on that storepage:

If you want to buy it on Nutaku, you can do that here:

The Nutaku version has FULL UNCENSORED NUDITY and the Itch and Steam versions will be updated later in the year with that as well. If you want to be cool you can buy the game on Steam, Itch, AND Nutaku. That's only about 9$ so it's for high rollers only.

Extra info

The game is still fully open source on Github. Look through the entire source code if you want, see the entire development history. Every single code change. Hell, compile it yourself and you basically get the game for free. No strings attached.

But also buy the game pls im pretty good at these devlogs huh. I'll write a tech postmortem eventually. Basically breaking down the entire game. But until then, enjoy ur tiddies crew. And follow me on twitter lol @ninja_muffin99. Also follow the rest of the boys


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really good at these updates I'd say


wait a minute yo are you one of the devs??? BRO i love ur game