Yep that's true. We got banned. From Steam that is. This actually happened a few weeks ago, I figure better late than never to share the news with the crew. You can read the full backstory on Newgrounds:

What that means for is that we can't supply any more Steam keys for new purchases. Maybe there's a chance for it all to get sorted out but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. If you were hoping on getting Steam achieves or checking out the leaderboard, the next best thing is actually the Newgrounds API that's already implemented in the version. There aren't too many medals anyways, the bread and butter is the online leaderboard though. To log into the NG api, just head to settings in-game, and I think press N.

It really is a shame that it got straight up banned on Steam. We didn't even get a warning, and they won't allow us to even attempt to change the game.  Ah well. While you're here uhhhh follow me on Twitter lmao: @ninja_muffin99

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