Linux version now available!

Aw yeah. For the 6 people what play games on Linux. I'm sure that joke hasn't been done before. But this one is for you fellas.

Initially when I tried to build the game on Linux, stuff would always freeze up on the stinky ass laptop I was using. Recently I upgraded my PC parts, so I booted up the Kali USB i had lying around and built this bad boy. I actually didn't have to do much fixing up  for the Linux version, Haxe/OpenFL handles most of it very nicely. One thing is that it didn't open the URLs in a new browser window properly. So I essentially had to rewrite a smidge of Flixel code to run xgd-open or something like that. This is mainly so that you can log into the Newgrounds API and post to the online leaderboard. ESSENTIAL. 

I felt a little bad about leaving  out the Linux crew. I've been meaning to start messing around with it myself. It's refreshing after using Windows all my life. And I like to rep open source shit, so we GOTTA at least have a Linux version.

Anyways, it took long enough. As always the sourcecode to the game is on Github: but if you really like the game you should buy it and give the crew some money baby. That way you won't have to build it yourself u lazy fuk

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